Shipping FAQs

Thank you for your love and support by ordering from the Tons Valley! You just made a huge contribution towards economic development of this remote and neglected part of India.

We are not a big e-commerce company focused on providing you instant gratification. We are trying to do things in our own way and are trying to work on things like technology, supply chain, customer service etc, from a very logistically challenged location. However, when it comes to products, we assure you nothing but the best.

Here are some important questions answered for you about how we ship our products:

How long does it take for me to get my products?

It will take at least 14-21 days on average to get your products to you. However please note it’s the average and might vary slightly depending on multiple factors like stock, weather, delivery zone, festivals, holidays etc

Why does it take so long?

We process our orders in batches. Our warehouse is in a very distant location. There is no way for us to ship small packets individually. We must process our orders in batches that can travel together in one vehicle to reduce the transportation cost from our warehouse to the shipping hub in Dehradun. It takes on average at least a week to get enough orders put together a vehicle.

We always recommend that you wait at least 12 days after ordering before reaching out to check status with us. We always send an email to confirm order dispatch.

Why did I not receive all my orders in one package?

Different products ship on different dates. If you order 5 things in one order the chances are that 2-3 of them will ship in different batches. So, you will receive your order in fragments.

We always recommend that you wait at least 12 days after ordering before reaching out to check status with us.

What parts of India do you ship to?

Depends on the product ordered. You will always find shipping provider associated with the product in its description. During checkout, your ‘pincode’ entered will be validated to check if it can be shipped.

How can I track my shipment?

Our products ship using different shipping providers. Principally we have two methods:

India Post: No online tracking available. You will receive a shipping confirmation email without a tracking number. If you do not get your order within 8 days of receiving the email, reach out to our support and we will help you.

Private Logistics: An online tracking number will be shared with you on email.

Unfortunately, being a small business, we still do not have a robust tracking system that we can share on our website without human intervention.

How do you compensate in case of a lost or damaged shipment?

Please read our shipping policy: