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Primary Contact:

Support Email: support AT

You can also use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Emergency/Urgent Contact:
Support WhatsApp:
(No Voice/Video Calls, Text Only)
Support FAQs:
Our primary support medium is email. Please reach out only on email as its our policy that every conversation is tracked, documented and optimally followed up.
Our Support WhatsApp is only for emergency/urgent queries. Any queries that do not fit this criterion as determined by us will be referred to email support. Calls, video and voice, are permanently blocked on our Support WhatsApp. All support is documented in text.
All customer support is only available from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00 IST, excluding any national or local holidays.
We strive to respond to queries within 24 HRS. But due to manpower and network constraints (our office is in a remote area with limited connectivity), responses could be delayed, kindly bear with us. 
We do not respond to any support queries on social media inboxes, comments, tweets etc. You will be referred to this page.
We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of abuse or threats on support conversations and social media. All conversations will be documented. Support conversations will be terminated at the first instance of abuse or threats.