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Chora Pisyun-loon (flavoured & spiced salt) - 250 gms

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Pisyun-loon is a mountain special from the Uttarakhand himalayas! 

Pisyun-loon is the local name for flavoured/spiced salts in our himalayas.  Flavoured/spiced salts are made by many communities around the world, and we have a similar tradition in our himalayas. Every region in the Uttarakhand himalayas has its own version of pisyun-loon according to what herbs, flavours and salts grow locally in a community.  

The ingredients used in pisyun-loon are many, but the primary ingredient is himalayan rock salt, which is high in micronutrients. The other ingredients are then chosen for their various digestive and nutritional properties. It is also said that people living in hilly areas have a common habit of consuming less water during winters. And, so including salt in their daily diet ensures that they feel thirsty and they hydrate as a consequence. 

The salt is traditionally stone ground by hand, mainly by women. The stone used to grind the salt is called a silbatta.

Pisyun-loon is used as generous sprinkles on fruits and chats during summer or slightly dusted over chapatis brushed with ghee in winter. Its uses are literally infinite. 

We are bringing to you one pisyun-loon that is popularly consumed in our upper Tons Valley - Chora Pisyun-loon

Contents Of Pack

  • Chora Pisyun-loon - Contains the herb chora (angelica glauca), ground with rock salt and organic red chillies. Chora has a unique pungent flavour, which needs to be used very carefully. Chora primarily has immense digestive benefits according to ayurveda.

How to use, some suggestions:

  • Sprinkle on salads, fruits, boiled potatoes, eggs or vegetables
  • Eat with rotis 
  • Add to dal or rajma
  • Add to buttermilk, lemon juice or any fresh fruit juice
  • Used as a marinade for meat or fish

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