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5 KG - Organic Rajma - Mixed

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Rajma shipping cost reduces with larger quantity, so please ensure you choose right quantity before ordering, i.e. in 10KG price per KG will be cheaper than 5KG or 2KG. Also checkout our Rajma and Dal Combo options. 


Mixed Rajma happens when farmers sow different types of rajma in the same field. Often they sow seeds in proportions so that they get the best blend of harvest quantity, taste and color. Every bag of mixed rajma has a unique random identity that has been given to it by the farmer. Predominantly, you can expect it to contain 25% White, 25% Chitra, 25% Red and rest all other colors, but do note these numbers are never exact. Mixed rajma is often sold by farmers who don't have capacity to sort them or they have an urgent need for money. We are selling this rajma as it is, because we feel there is a certain uniqueness in this randomness, no two batches of this rajma will ever taste the same!

Organic rajma in the upper Tons Valley, Uttarakhand: 

Rajma is one of the staple food crops in our valley. Almost all farmers sow rajma as it is the main source of vegetable protein in our local cuisine. Farmers who have rajma which is surplus to their annual food and seed purpose, sell to earn money. We are supporting these hard working farmers by finding a fair market for their rajma. We pay a fair price that compensates them for growing rajma in remote fields which don't even have access to a road. The harvest has to be brought on mules to the nearest road and the transported to our processing center.

Our rajma is completely organic, grown using only natural compost and cow manure. No inorganic fertilizer or chemical pesticides are used. We are in the process of helping these farmers getting their produce certified organic very soon.

Weight: 5 kg (excluding packing)
Packing: 5 x 1 kg ziplock

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