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Himalayan Mountain Desi-Ghee

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Himalayan Mountain Desi Ghee is a delicacy from our region. The highlight of the ghee from our region is that it is 100% organic as the cows are all reared on free-range wild pasture. It is a widely accepted fact that free-range wild pasture-fed dairy products command a premium because the subtle flavour of the dairy products are influenced by the pasture that the animals graze on. Our cows graze on a dazzling variety of forest grasses, foliage and millet grasses. None of the cows ever eat any form of packaged cattle feed. This results in milk that is thick and intense. The milk is then naturally lacto-fermented into curd in ceramic jars. The butter is then hand-churned and then the ghee made by heating the butter on a gentle wood fire. 

Ghee in the upper Tons Valley, Uttarakhand: 

Ghee is an important secondary source of fat in the diet here after mustard oil. Every household in our region has a minimum of 3-4 cows. Our cows are all indigenous breeds adapted to life in the mountains. People here principally rear cows for manure that they use to fertilise their fields. Milk is a by-product. Our cows are not reared for dairy and thus not very productive. A cow here typically produces a maximum of 3-4 litres of milk a day surplus after feeding its calf. Some of the milk is consumed by the household, and then the rest is fermented to make butter and then ghee. Again, after keeping ghee for household consumption, a family might have 500 gm to 1 kg as surplus to trade every month. We are collecting this surplus ghee and bringing it to you. This sale of ghee primarily generates some supplementary pocket income for the women of the households as it is often they who take care of the cattle at home. To accumulate 10 kgs of ghee we have to collect it from upto 20 households and sometimes from multiple villages spread across the region! Since ghee here is produced primarily for self-consumption in small quantities and not for commercial sale, adulteration is not a problem, nevertheless we ensure that the butter is personally checked by us for freshness and the ghee made in front of our team so that we bring you the finest quality. 

Weight: 250 GM & 500 GM (excluding packing)

Packing: 1 x 250 GM OR 500 GM Spout Pouch, food-grade fully recyclable


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