Himalayan Shepherd Rajma Seasoning - 250 GMS
Himalayan Shepherd Rajma Seasoning - 250 GMS
Himalayan Shepherd Rajma Seasoning - 250 GMS

Himalayan Shepherd Rajma Seasoning - 250 GMS

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Himalayan Shepherd Rajma Seasoning is a mountain special from our upper Tons Valley! 

We are bringing this rajma seasoning to you as a standalone pack due to overwhelming demand from customers who have bought our 'Shepherd Rajma Pack'.

In the summer shepherds in our region take their flock of sheep and goats to the vast high-altitude Himalayan pastures. In that harsh environment, where temperatures are barely above freezing even in summer, they need warm food that makes them feel at home. Rajma is a favorite, because it is dense, rich in proteins and gets made into a soupy-dal that is perfect for the ambience, 

In that harsh environment, it is impossible to carry a multitude of ingredients to make rajma, so what is used is a very simple recipe - two spoons of mustard oil, garlic, red chillies, salt, seasoning (chora/angelica glauca) and rajma. 

The shepherds always have a fire going at their camp, where rajma is left to slow-cook all-day. When they return with their flock, the cooked rajma is rapidly prepared with the seasoning. This soupy-rajma is eaten with either rotis or rice.  

Contents Of Pack

  • 250 gms Shepherd Rajma Seasoning
  • Contains the herb chora (angelica glauca), ground with rock salt and organic red chillies. 

How to cook?

  • Soak the rajma for 4-5 hours minimum. You can use any rajma variety.
  • Pressure cook for 3-4 whistles till the beans are soft.
  • Crush garlic slightly and sautee in mustard oil.
  • Add our Himalayan Shepherd Rajma Seasoning and boil for 2-3 mins.

(Adding onions, tomatoes, ginger etc is entirely optional)


Chora (angelica glauca), by itself is a very pungent and intense herb. It needs to be used in very careful measures to obtain optimal taste. We have used rock salt as a base to grind the chora and red chillies on a traditional stone silbatta. Our local staff have ensured that the optimal ratio of chora is used. What we highly recommend is that you slowly add the seasoning to your rajma and adjust according to your preferred taste. Since the base is salt, please don't cook the rajma with salt. If you have reached the optimum flavoring while cooking with the seasoning and you need some more salt, just use a pinch of normal salt.

Weight: 250 gm (excluding packing)
Packing: 1 x 250 gm ziplock 

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