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Organic Chad Dhan Red Rice (aged) | 1, 2, 5 & 10 Kg

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Organic Chad Dhan Red Rice (Aged) is a summer crop from our region. Rice has been widely farmed here for hundreds of years. The rice grown here is a heirloom variety called Chad Dhan. Its seeds have been preserved over the years and are used annually to create a sustainable cultivation cycle. Chad Dhan is renowned in this part of the himalayas for its breathtaking aroma when cooked and is prized for its ease of digestion, and considered to be an 'Ayurvedic Rice'. Our rice is all grown watered by cool himalayan spring water above altitudes of 4,950 ft and upto 6,000 ft AMSL. It is grown the traditional way without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, bringing to you the goodness of mother earth. The rice procured by us has been aged for one full year in the farmer's own granary before it is hand-milled in small batches. Our rice is further hand-cleaned before packing to ensure that it is ready-to-use straight from the packet.


Rice cost reduces with larger quantity, so please ensure you choose right quantity before ordering.

Our rice-is hand-cleaned and vacuum-packed to retain 100% freshness, so you can buy and store in your kitchen cupboard for many months as long as the package is unopened. Once package is opened, please store in a freezer.

Cooking instructions:

1 part rice : 1.5 parts water

Rinse rice gently under running water. Use the rice : water ratio as mentioned. Cook in pressure cooker as you would cook any normal rice. 

Rice in the upper Tons Valley, Uttarakhand: 

Rice forms 50% of carbohydrates in mountain cuisine along with wheat. Every household in the region between altitudes of 4,950 ft to 6,000 ft AMSL grows rice for their consumption. The simplest dish made in our region - rajma - is paired with Chad Dhan rice, making it an unbeatable combination. Rice is planted in the months of May or June and harvested by late September or early October. It is always practice here to let rice age for a year in a traditional granary before it is consumed. Over the years farmers here have started selling surplus rice as it fetches a good price and due to it not being perishable, it can be sold at will. We are bringing you rice from chosen farmers whose seeds we have vetted for being authentic and farming practice is completely organic. 

Packing: 1 KG vacuum-lock pack, food-grade fully recyclable


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