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Organic Himalayan Garlic Powder - 250 GMS

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Organic Himalayan Garlic Powder is a special from our upper Tons Valley! 

You can now enjoy the intense flavour of our mountain garlic 365 days a year. Just 250gms of this garlic powder is equivalent to 1 kg of fresh garlic. No more fretting over peeling and storing fresh garlic.

Our garlic powder is completely organic, dried in the glorious winter mountain sun and contains no added chemicals or preservatives.


Organic Mountain Garlic (Pahadi Lehsun) is a winter crop from our region. Garlic has been widely farmed here for hundreds of years. Heirloom garlic pods have been preserved over the years and are used annually as seed to create a sustainable cultivation cycle. Himalayan mountain garlic is renowned for its intense flavour and is prized by chefs. Our garlic is grown the traditional way without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, bringing to you the goodness of mother earth.

Garlic in the upper Tons Valley, Uttarakhand: 

Garlic is an indispensable component of mountain cuisine. In this harsh landscape, it is not possible to cultivate many vegetables. In fact, even onion refuses to grow in most areas. So the earliest settlers here decided to farm garlic to add flavour to their food. The simplest dish made in our region - rajma - is simply seasoned with copious amounts of garlic, red chillies, salt and a local herb called chora (angelica glauca). Every household in the region grows garlic. Garlic is sown in the months of November or December during the first winter rainfall. The pods then hibernate in snow and slowly germinate as the weather warms up in late winter. The crop is harvested in early summer during the months of May and June. The crop is then dried in shade for a period of 40-60 days before it is ready for consumption. Villagers preserve garlic by hanging it from their storerooms. Garlic, if stored properly up here, lasts for 2-3 years easily. Over the years farmers here have started selling surplus garlic as it fetches a good price and due to it not being perishable, it can be sold at will. We are bringing you garlic from chosen farmers whose seeds we have vetted for being authentic and local. 

Weight: 250 gm (excluding packing)
Packing: 1 x 250 gm vacuum pack

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