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Organic Himalayan Red Chilli Powder - 250 GMS

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Organic Himalayan Red Chilli Powder is a mountain special from our upper Tons Valley! 

Our red chillies are commonly known as 'Pahari Mirch' and is grown extensively across Uttarakhand. These chillies are heirloom varieties that have been cultivated by farmers in the mountains for generations. They have saved seeds that they find especially spicy and have been propogating them. 

Every family grows its requirement of chillies in a corner of their fields as per their annual requirement. The chillies are left to ripen slowly in the mountain sun and then sun-dried for storage. Chillies are stored here for the entire year. A small amount is milled into powder but mostly chillies are stored whole to be used in various tadkas, flavoured salts and chutneys.

Farmers who have chillies which are surplus to their annual food and seed purpose, sell to earn money. We are supporting these hard working farmers by finding a fair market for their chillies. We pay a fair price that compensates them for growing chillies in remote fields which don't even have access to a road. The harvest has to be brought on mules to the nearest road and the transported to our processing center.

Our chillies are completely organic, grown using only natural compost and cow manure. No inorganic fertilizer or chemical pesticides are used. We are in the process of helping these farmers getting their produce certified organic very soon.

Weight: 250 gm (excluding packing)
Packing: 1 x 250 gm vacuum pack

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