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Organic Toor Arhar Dal (unsplit pigeon pea with shell)

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Toor Arhar Dal unsplit with shell is among the most nutritious things that money can buy. Cooking this dal takes a bit of preparation, it needs a good overnight soaking, but results are fantastic. You can make dal with an amazing gravy and all the goodness of vitamins and fiber that the shell provides.  The dried peas may be sprouted briefly, then cooked, for a flavor different from the green or dried peas. The fragrance of this dal when grown in rich Himalayan mountain soil with the goodness of organic manure and compost is incredible. This dal can be added to any rajma or any other mountain dal to give exquisite results. 

Cooking instructions:

  • Soak dal for at least 6 hours in cold water (use RO purified water if tap water is hard)
  • Drain the water
  • Pressure cook with fresh water for 8-9 whistles (again use RO purified water if tap water is hard)

Organic dal in the upper Tons Valley, Uttarakhand: 

Dals provide significant vegetable protein to the diet in our valley. Almost all farmers sow a variety of dals. Farmers who have dal which is surplus to their annual food and seed purpose, sell to earn money. We are supporting these hard working farmers by finding a fair market for their dal. We pay a fair price that compensates them for growing dal in remote fields which don't even have access to a road. The harvest has to be brought on mules to the nearest road and the transported to our processing center.

Our dal is completely organic, grown using only natural compost and cow manure. No inorganic fertilizer or chemical pesticides are used. We are in the process of helping these farmers getting their produce certified organic very soon.

Packing: 500 gms & 1 kg vaccum pack


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